The Magic of Analog in a Digital Era

We have un-earthed old films from Millbrook. Using a projector I found in the trash years ago we are digitizing old films from Millbrook.

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Preparing for the Future …

What is the future workplace like? Let’s see the research



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Guiding Principles of Democracy in Cyberspace

A few years old but well worth a read … Leadership in technology only comes from trust and leading by example. internationalstrategy_cyberspace

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Programming Curriculum

Wouldn’t it be interesting to understand better how I think? Here are the details of a class I have put together over the past three years. Foundations of Programming Castell

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Testing Virtual Reality in the Arts …

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Technology Associates Program 2017

Keep on Trucking Ladies …

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Off to Mohonk and NEIT

A place to reflect and connect. What more can we do to support libraries as the gatekeepers of 21st century skills?

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The Riddle of Ice

Technology in education resembles to perfection “The Riddle of Ice.” On a hot summers day it is not the ice cube you care about it is what it does. The driving force of my educational pedagogy has been to make technology in schools transparent. Our schools don’t care about the make or model of a router they just want email and the web to work safely. If you come to the tech office we have already failed. Technology in schools should be proactively solving problems before they become manifest. This is done with extensive work in the summer testing before deploying. This can take years to implement.


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Into the Third Year at Millbrook!

A time to reflect.

Coming into a new position has been much like working for a start up company. I am responsible for the strategic and financial oversight of the technology program at Millbrook. I personally provide direct Macintosh technical support for 350 users, act as an advisor to students (4), teach two classes in programming  (Advanced Placement), coach skiing, participate on the Academic Committee (Department Heads), support our SIS (Whipple Hill), supervise study hall and work on the schools burgeoning farm.

Here is a list of projects I have successfully created and deployed.

Change of Consultants: The most difficult program to change has been removing our legacy-consulting group. Finding a new organization that can better meet our long and short-term needs has been a challenge. We are on the right path.

Faculty Laptop Program: Technology programs in education follow specific policies and goals that can be measured. This program has given me the greatest joy in knowing our faculty have the right tools for the job.  I provide the technical support for all these laptops as well.

Asset Inventory/Ticketing System: The school had no record of who had what device etc. when I arrived. We use Google sheets to track all devices. Rather than use a complicated ticketing system we simply use a shared email account called “tech” for all tech items – this also provides us with good reporting.

Technology Associates: As a part of our community service program, and following from the work I did at Boston University Academy, I developed and run a student tech support program. These students run all the printers on campus.

Cloud Migration: When I arrived all email and files servers were on premises.  Now we use Drop Box for business and moved to Microsoft 365 over this past summer with great success. Not only has this limited our exposure to risk but it has changed people perception of about their data and how they can access it.  We also just inked a deal with Adobe for 100 creative cloud licenses – another awesome addition to the school’s educational technology program.

Audio Visual: AV work is one of those thankless tasks. People only complain then it is not working. After careful research, beta testing and soliciting bids from numerous vendors we cut our costs in half by installing these ourselves. I spent a good amount of last summer on ladders in all the classrooms with AV. We are using NEC laser projectors that are fantastic!

Student Laptop Program: For new and returning students, having a laptop with the printers, web portals and software tools pre-installed is a wonderful thing … especially on your first day. I have worked closely with a local Macintosh provider provision over 60 laptops for students with the “Millbrook Image” installed.

Virtual Reality: We just created from scratch a high end graphics workstation and Oculs. This is an extremely interesting technology. In addition to working in VR I also manage and operate the schools 3D printers.






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Millbrook School

I’ve just started my new position as Director of Technology for the Millbrook School. Wonderful place!

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